The US National Weather Service Forth Worth Texas posted the following status update on the Facebook: 2PM Heat index values across North and Central Texas…ranged from 98° to 105°. It’s HOT out there, take frequent breaks to avoid heat exhaustion! #‎beattheheat (hashtag all theirs).

So, in other words, another treadmill day for me.  I just can’t seem to get my booty out of the door early enough to #beattheheat unless it’s for my weekend long runs.  I used to think waking up at 5:00 or 5:30AM might be a tad on the over excessive side, but I recently found out it’s a necessity to #beatheheat (ok, I’ll stop hashtagging now). As soon as that friggin fire ball in the sky pushes up over the horizon it’s just plain hawwwwwwwt.

One time, as spring started to slowly melt away into summer, I (stupidly) decided to do a run outside around 1 o’clock in the afternoon.  I thought, 80 degrees?! Meh, I can manage.  I did for about 1.5M and started seeing mirages.  I turned down a street and saw lawn sprinklers sprinkling up ahead! Hallelujah!! Now that’s how you know your brain isn’t fully functioning.  No one is allowed to water their lawn in Droughtland, TX derp.  But, I was hot, sweat was stinging my eyes and I so badly wanted to run through those sprinklers.   As soon as I came upon them, they disappeared.  I cried.  Or Maybe it was the sweat pouring out of my eyes not sure which. Note to self: heat accumulation is a very real and very important thing.


So the treadmill and I have found summer love.  Can’t wait to break up with Mr. Treaddy come fall (shh, don’t tell him my plans!). I do push myself out into the inferno during my Wednesday night social runs and for the weekend long runs with my running club. Something about running in the heat with more than just yourself makes it way more easier to tolerate.  Running when the sun isn’t in all its glory helps, too.

Since moving to Texas, I’ve noticed two things. 1.) I’ve become infatuated with rain.  When it rains it feels like a National Holiday.  You need to call your loved ones and tell them it’s raining and see if they got rain, too. Everyone should stop what they are dong and just go outside and play in it; pray; or offer up your first born as thanks to whomever the powers that be are that decided to let it rain that day. 2.) I love all the people that tell me that both last year’s and this year’s summer has been mild.  I hear stories about the 2011 30 whatever days of 100 degree temp stories ALL. THE. TIME.  It’s great, I love it.  It’s like hearing old war stories.   

Anyways, I came across a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) running plan to do on the treadmill that I use on my “speed” days.  Anyone else have any good tips on how to pass the time on ol’ Treaddy? I’m trying to #beattheheat, y’all.  




Man, you know you’ve been slacking on your blogging when you try to log into your account and it takes you about five minutes longer than it should to log in.

I like to blog when the mood strikes or when I want to put something down that I want to document or when I want reflect “out loud”.

My last post talked about how bummed I was that I didn’t get into the New York City Marathon – but I’m over it.  On National Running Day, I signed up for my first full marathon – the Dallas Marathon on December 14, 2014!  I felt so queasy just hitting the submit button on the registration form! My nerves have settled down a lot and now I’m just anxious to start the training cycle.

Last night, I had such a fun and happy run that it made me feel thankful this morning.  I wanted to take some time and just reflect on how my running is so much different than it was a year ago and how thankful I am about it.

I’m thankful that I’ve consistently kept up my weekend long runs even though I don’t have anything long distance on the race calendar for several more months. I’m thankful that I can even do long runs! It’s so satisfying to see when your efforts start paying off.  I’m thankful for all the opportunities running has brought to the forefront.  Running in different states; checking out trails; meeting new people; finishing a race on the fifty yard line in Soldier Field with my bestie and husband.   So many fun things lately!

I don’t mean for this to come across as braggy.  I just wanted to take a minute to really think about how far I’ve come in the running world.  Hmm, nope, that still seems braggy, oops! I guess along with thankful, I’m happy.

I haven’t done it all myself.  I’m thankful for the people that support me by answering questions; review training plans; letting me blah blah blah about running; and for the people who are always so genuinely excited to hear about my endeavors.   It always gives me the extra push and it makes my heart happy.






I’m thankful.

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Not this year

Whomp, whomp, whooomp. Ugh.  I applied for the New York City Marathon (NYCM) lottery and yesterday was the drawing.  I didn’t get lucky this time around so no NYCM for me this year.  Baaaaah.  I still have a little disappointment hang over from yesterday but it’s going away.  Yesterday was a pretty nerve wracking day.  I had to wait 12 hours to hear about my rejection. My eyes popped open at about 6 AM ish and the constant and obsessive email, NYRR account, and credit card statement checks started.  I’m surprised my refresh button is still intact.  If I ever do a lottery thing again, I need to just separate myself from civilization on drawing day.  It was exhausting! The results are going to be the same whether or not I check my status over and over and over again.  It made me really cranky and desperate feeling when I didn’t have an answer one way or the other by 6PM.  

I finally received my rejection right before I did a Social Run at my local running store.  I didn’t have much time for a pity party before the run began and as it turns out: running, laughing and conversation does a lot for the soul.  I guess it was perfect timing that I found out my status right before a run!

I put my disappointment in perspective and told myself, at least I can run! A couple of years ago, I wasn’t a runner and I certainly wasn’t entertaining the thought of a marathon! Yes, NYCM may be one of the ultimate marathon experiences ever, but there are other marathons I can try out.   And it’s not like this “no” is a no forever! I can try again. Hopefully, I have lots of years left as a runner.  

Good luck, NYCM Class of 2014! Wishing all of you an amazing run on November 2!


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Remember last post where I said that I was not going to over think the Half too much, welp, I lied.  I’ve been weather stalking and cultivating a nice little ball of nervous energy in the pit of my stomach.  Sigh.  My last taper run helped ease some of my nervous energy a bit and now I have to just focus on having f-u-n.    

The training is done! I did it! There is definitely a lot of pride and satisfaction in checking off all those weeks of work.  I’m happy that I was able to get through 12+ weeks of training with out any illness or missed weeks.  I stayed healthy with the exception of a little knee pain every once in a while.  So unless I trip over my cat or step on a Lego, I think I should show up to the race pretty healthy and in one piece.  

When I reflect back on my training, I am really pleased how it went.  Not too many shit runs (if any at all) and I got to run in Houston; Chicago; and New York City.  Not too shabby! I got to run with my cousin in her very first 5K; I got to run with my bestie on a very snowy 8K course, and I had the pleasure to run the entire length of Central Park in New York with my Husband.  I ran 8 miles with a local running club (then tacked on an extra three miles!); and found a really nice and peaceful trail where I logged my first double digit run! I really can’t complain about this training cycle at all.  

On a really brisk 9 Miler, a car honked in a show of support (I’m just going to go with that because I can’t think of another reason why I would be honked at).  On the 10 Miler, a gaggle (?) of cyclists all shouted good morning in unison to me as I made my way through my last mile.  That left a smile of my face so freaking wide I probably looked liked a moron, but whatevs.  

When I ran my first ever mile without stopping way back in 2011, I was so proud and excited.  Never did I really think that I would be running a half marathon.  I didn’t think I had it in me. But, I guess I do because here I am. I’m ready to start. I’m ready to cross the line.

I’m just ready. 



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Taper Time.

Hey ya’ll you guys! Guess what I’m doing this week! Tapering, ya’ll! This is like, a huge milestone in my life.  This is my first taper and I feel like I need to document this moment in time.  My first half marathon is this Sunday and I successfully made it through my training plan! Tapering is weird.  I thought that I would really enjoy the low mileage week but it feels all wrong.  I feel like I should be running more and I am slighting worried that I’ll forget how to run this week. But on the flip side, I feel like I have all this free time on my hands to do stuff.  Which kinda sucks, because I have more time to worry about forgetting how to run.  Oh God.  People don’t forget how to run do they? DO THEY?!?!

So, I’m trying to have a relaxed week and not over think the Half too much.  The training is done, I put in the effort, I am proud of my effort so I’m trying to focus on that this week.  

Each day I’ll try to recap some of my favorite moments from training.  Here’s today’s:

Realizing I can run long(er) distances! I remember feeling way overwhelmed when I looked at the half training program as a whole.   It’s really easy to get freaked out about running 12 miles when you haven’t even ran 6 yet, but I figured out pretty quickly to focus one week at a time. Sometimes I had to even knock it back to one day at a time. That’s a good life lesson, if you ask me.  One day at a time, one step at a time.  On race day, I’ll try to keep in mind that each step is bringing me closer to that finish line. 





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2013 Rewind

Well, here it is, 2014.  My 2014 resolution is simple.  Just keep moving.  2013 was a great year for me running wise, it got off to a great start with three (back to back to back) races in February. I had a good running rhythm going up until that last February race.  After my last run in New York over the Triborough Bridge with my Bestie, I put away my sneakers to focus on my big move to Texas.  Running took a back seat for a few months.  The more I became settled in my new home and new state, the fact that I wasn’t running started to gnaw at me.  I was nervous to get started again.  I felt so shy about running in my new neighborhood.  I don’t really know why, but I likened it to someone dipping their tippy toes into a pool before jumping in. I had to do it when I felt comfortable. I half halfheartedly attempted the treadmill – those sessions never really lasting that long.  I had fleeting thoughts that I may just not pick it up again.

I introduced myself to the ‘hood by taking lots of stroller and wagon walks with my son.  That helped me a lot and by May, I ran my first 5K in Texas.  From that point forward I turned my little running hiatus into a really rewarding year.

Kim (bestie mentioned above) made me this very cool infographic that shows my 2013 running year beautifully.


I like to say that running in Texas agrees with me.  I found a lot of fun races, a weekly social run, a 5K class that helped me take a lot of great strides to becoming a better runner.  Would this have happened in New York? Maybe.  But having it happen in Texas helped me feel more at home here.

Here’s a few things I’m looking forward to in 2014:

My first HALF MARATHON in February.  I’ll be running it with the Husband and Kim.  Two very important people will be with me as I complete (hopefully!) a challenging to me distance.  There may be tears.

The Solider Field 10M.  Also with the Husband and Kim.  I’m digging the first half of this year already!

Going back to my first Texas race! Running the Disco 5K with the Husband and my son in the stroller.  If we can still get the son in the jogging stroller in May!

Overall, I’m just hoping for another rewarding and healthy year in and out of my running sneakers.

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Essential Fitness – Essentially fun.

Ugggggggh.  I hate when I have to dust the proverbial cobwebs off my blog.  I hate dusting real cobwebs in real life but when I neglect housework it doesn’t make me feel as bad as when I neglect my little blog.  

I’m happy to report that my lack of reporting doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped running – quite the opposite! I have four races to recap – lucky you – and I’ve been steadily logging in the miles each week. I’m training for my first half marathon in February and I’m pleased with how training has been going.  

As much as I would like to share my latest races with you, I want to blog about something else today.  I had a weekend solo getaway to visit my bestie, Kim in Chicago.  She’s my reason for running and we were fortunate enough to run a fun festive race during my trip andddddd I got to take one of Kim’s strength classes that she teaches at Essential Fitness, LLC in Grayslake, IL! I have been dying for the opportunity to see her in action since she started teaching early last year.  Essential Fitness is a small personal studio with a varied mix of equipment that keeps workouts challenging and interesting – we used sandbags during my class!  The studio is kept immaculate which I feel is a good reflection of the studio itself and how much Essential Fitness is committed to giving you a great workout experience. 

Kim (left) and me before class!

Kim’s class was amazing! Simply. Amazing.  I had so much fun swinging around kettle bells, doing lunges; planks; and a ton of other strength moves. It’s not everyday that I say fun and lunges in the same sentence!  I don’t have much experience with fitness classes other than Yoga, so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I definitely did not expect to have as much fun as I did. I never once felt the urge to check the clock to see how many minutes were left in class. Outside of getting a good workout, It was so awesome for me to see Kim in action. She loves teaching and the joy radiates from her face during class. She’s smiling, laughing, and encouraging. It was such an amazing thing to witness. I wanted to cry and it wasn’t because of squats and lunges! I always knew Kim was passionate about fitness and exercise.  She has always championed me through every step of my running – but to see it first hand was a real treat. It’s not to often you get to see someone so in their element and absolutely loving what they do.  Kim is great at teaching! She’s upbeat, assertive and confident while she puts her student through their paces.  She challenges her students and has complete confidence and faith in their abilities. She takes the time to check form and give praise for your good effort. She just makes you feel good!

Kim does a lot of prepping pre-class to come up with a fun and varied fitness routine. She takes the time to put together a music play list that keeps you moving.   After the class, I wanted to sign up for more! Too bad I live all the way in Dallas! The upside is that now I know exactly what I would want in a fitness studio and trainer.  If you’re lucky enough to live in the Grayslake area of Illinois, check out Kim at Essential Fitness, LLC.  

Thanks for a really fun trip and strength class, Kim! I’m thinking of you every time I feel it in my quads (and everywhere else). Ha!


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Run and learn

This seems to be my motto of late.  I took a 6 week running class that I really enjoyed, probably because I didn’t have to think much of anything. Times were set, the coach came up with the routes, and I didn’t have to decide on mileage. Now that class is over, I find that I keep making little discoveries about running – usually after the fact  – that I hope will help me become a better smarter runner.  When I first moved to Texas, I shied away from running around my neighborhood and stuck with the treadmill.  Now, I kinda don’t even want to look at the treadmill and have been running outside, exclusively. I’m exploring new routes and figuring out the best times to run.  

Here’s some examples of my run and learn experiences: 

Running in 84 degrees at night is not the same as running in 84 degrees during the middle of the day. Run and learn.

Running a good chunk of your run around a loop in the same direction is not going to feel so good later.  My entire right side hurt afterwards. Note to self: change directions. Run and learn.

When running during the weekday mornings, run a route where you don’t have to worry or think about cars, sidewalks ending, and crossing lanes of traffic during rush hour. Derp.  This morning, I ran across an intersection successfully, but knew I would have to cross the street again because the sidewalk was ending. I’m not sure if my brain was thinking quicker than my feet, or if my feet were moving faster than my brain (more likely), but I tripped over something just as I hit the next block and fell on my hands, knees, and iPhone.  I just got some scrapes – my phone suffered more than I did, unfortunately.  All I kept thinking as I was falling was that I hope no one is seeing this derptastic stunt. How random is that?! I immediately got up and started running again, but I felt a little rattled after that. My momentum seemed off and I felt annoyed that I got out of bed to just fall on the ground and crack my phone.  I put a band aid on my knee, pouted over not having a fun band aid to make me feel better but I’m happy to report that I’m over it now. I laughed and told myself that I was waiting for fall and got what I was asking.  I’m more annoyed with myself that I cut my run a little short. I should have just stuck it out and ran through it until I felt better.  Next time. Only, I really hope I don’t make tripping on sidewalks a habit.  I’ll just chalk today’s crappy run to a learning experience so I don’t feel like my early morning was wasted. 

My son saw my “booboo”, kissed the band aid and said, “all better!”.  And then he said, “pay attention!” He’ll make a fine runner some day!




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Murphy’s A-maize-ing 5K | Murphy, TX

Another last minute race! This race made 5 races in 5 weekends in September! I took (and completed!) a 6 week running class and our coach suggested this race as a goal race. Another running class friend and I took her up on the suggestion and registered for this race kinda last minute.  

The goal race was a 5K that was taking place in conjunction with Murphy Maize Days – a fall festival with music, vendors, food, etc.  It started off in a local high school football STADIUM.  Side note: It still amazes me how football is king in Texas.  The race started on a track, passed the school, into a preserve and into a neighborhood and back.  There was a DJ and plenty of stadium seating for the spectators.  I liked that the husband and son had some seating and music to listen to while I was running.  Afterwards, we took our son to the festival so this race had a little something for everyone. 

The goal for this race was to come in thirty minutes or less.  Emphasis on the “or less” part. I wanted to finally (finally, finally) sub 30 a 5K.  I wasn’t sure if this was the right race to do it or if the weather was still a little bit too warm and humid for that – but all worked out, and I squeaked in a sub 30 run and came in fifth in my age group.  

High lights: Finally doing that sub 30 run! 

Low lights: way too many kids “running” this race.  I love seeing kids out there and I always marvel how fast they are, but they made this race a bit more challenging for me because a lot of kids were doing the sprint really fast then just stop thing.  I almost took out a kid because one stopped right in front of me.  I think it took a lot more energy for me to go around them.  I started way back at the starting line so that was my fault.  I don’t belong in the front of the starting line, but waaaaay back (unless I’m with the stroller) is probably not the best spot either.  Race and learn.  

Race Swag: cotton t-shirt with a giant running corn cob (jealous?). Some samples and coupons from race sponsors.  

Post Race Eats: Frozen yogurt (I LOVE ICE CREAM AFTER RUNS! HAHA), chicken sandwiches (I think), granola bars,bananas and water.  Breakfast with my running class friend, the husband and son at Corner Bakery.  

Miracle Mile: a little kid taking a tumble and a bunch of people stopping to make sure he was ok (he was!). 

Next up: I’m going to start a 10K training program. It will be a combo plan from Hal HIgdon Novice program and the 10K training finish it program from Train Like a Mother book

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The Toughest 10K | Kemah, TX

My 1st 10K!!!

I signed up for this one with the husband on a complete whim! We were headed to Galveston for the weekend to celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary and the Monday before our trip I decided to see if there were any races happening in the Galveston/Houston area.  Low and behold, I found The Toughest 10K in Kemah, TX.  I wasn’t specifically looking for a 10K but as soon as I saw it I was hooked.  I told the husband about it and he was just as excited about giving it a try as I was.  Everything, from packet pickup to the actual race, fit in so perfectly with our plans.  I was pumped for this race the minute – no – the second we signed up for it!  The race has a great Facebook page that they kept updated with little race tidbits that just fueled the excitement and anticipation.

It didn’t phase us that we hadn’t run a 10K before – we planned to take it nice and easy, run as much as we could and do a walk/run interval after that.  We were a bit nervous because the course went on the Kemah/Seabrook Bridge – four times, but I felt up for the challenge!

I could barely sleep the night before the race and jumped out of bed well before the alarm clock rang I was so dang excited.  I truly felt like a kid on Christmas morning! I never was so pumped and amped for a race before!

It was cloudy and humid – I was so thankful the sun decided not to show up for the race because it could have made things icky weather wise. A nice little breeze kept us cool – especially on the bridge.

There were close to 2 thousand people running the 10K, a good amount of spectators, and a large group of beyond awesome volunteers.  The volunteers rang their cowbells, yelled, and cheered for us – oh, and manned the water/Gatorade table like nobody’s business.  I was able to pick up a cup without ever breaking my stride. At one point, I told one of the volunteers that she was awesome, and she replied, “No, you’re awesome!” – and dammit – I felt awesome!

Steve and I had a really good supportive race.  If the water stop was on my side and he wanted a drink, I got it – and vice versus.  We talked to each other and kept each other going.  Definitely a nice way to celebrate an anniversary and I was (and am) so excited that we did our 1st 10K together.

We kicked ass, if I do say so myself.  We ran the whole time, kept a decent and consistent pace and finished just slightly over the one hour mark.  Official results have not been posted due to some technical difficulties, but preliminary results have us in at 1:01.  We were blown away with our performance and we were on a runner’s high for days! DAYS!

 High lights: So much to say! But, I think being able to run the whole darn thing will be one of my fave race moments ever.  Just performing beyond expectation is pretty sweet in and of itself.

Low lights: it started pouring rain as we crossed the finish totally killing the post race festivities.  Tents with food were set up around the beautiful Kemah boardwalk area and it would have been nicer if the rain held out just a little longer.  Still really didn’t stop us from inhaling the yummy treats and chatting with fellow finishers.

Race Swag: A kick ass technical shirt (no sponsors on the back, yo!), a hat, and finisher’s medal.

Post Race Eats: Breakfast burritos, ice cream (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Power Bars, Muscle Milk, Soda, water, and fresh fruit.  The best post race spread I have encountered thus far.

Miracle Mile: During the race I really paid attention to the volunteers. Kids and adults of all ages giving their all to make it a great race.  All of them seemed so friendly – from packet pickup to during the race – to post race.  I remember seeing kids raking up discarded cups on the side of the road with so much oomph and effort.  It was really cool to see.

I have to give it up to the Running Alliance Sports (RAS)! They put on a great race.  The Toughest 10K Kemah is part of  The Texas Bridge Series, the others being, The Toughest 10K Galveston and the La Porte Half Marathon.  I’m bummed that my schedule doesn’t allow for me to take on the 10K in Galveston this year, but I am keeping the race on my radar for next year.  Who knows, maybe we will take on the Texas Bridge Series.  I wouldn’t mind doing my first halfie organized by RAS. Dun dun DUN. Well see.

kemah boardwalk sign ginastevekemah ginapolicekemah ginakemah

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