How It All Began…

One day, while minding my own business, Kim forwaded an ING New York City Marathon newsletter to me to peruse.  There was about a month left to Marathon and I was getting so excited for Kim to come in from Chicago and run all over the 5 boros. The newsletter had some information for spectators and tips on how to cheer on your marathoner.  Towards the bottom of the newsletter I saw that there would be a 5K the day before the marathon called, NYRR The Dash to the Finish Line. The race description was very compelling:

Be part of the world-famous ING New York City Marathon excitement, run through the streets of Manhattan, and finish at the famed Marathon finish line in Central Park — without running 26.2 miles!

 On Marathon Saturday, November 5, 2011, our inaugural NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5K (3.1 miles) will be open to all runners who want to join in the marathon festivities.

Friends and family, marathoners and non-marathoners—all are welcome. This year you’ll get to run with a strong field led by Olympic hopefuls and other top runners on this flat and fast course.

 The unique route starts near the United Nations and takes runners across 42nd Street, then heads uptown into Central Park for the final dash across the world-renowned ING New York City Marathon finish line.

I was hooked. The rest of the details are a little fuzzy. I remember Kim and I both thinking we could do this together but I can’t remember if I approached her about it or if she asked me to run it with her.  Either way, before I knew it, Kim had me on a 5K training plan.  At that point I only had about 4 weeks to get up to snuff. Or at least up to where I could fake my way through the race.

As luck would have it, I was headed to Chicago with The Husband, Steve and Baby Luca for a long weekend visit with Kim and her family during Columbus Day weekend. We decided to start the training during my visit in Chicagoland.

Kim prepared a modified version of this beginning training plan.  We modified it since I only had 4 weeks (eek!).  I continued on the plan when I got back to New York. The fall weather was unseasonably mild and I was really getting into running. I loved running around my neighborhood.  How could you not, when this is your mile one marker. Or as I like to call it MileWON:

Of course, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this running stuff without Kim motivating me at every step or without The Husband.  He graciously took over more baby duties several times a week so that I was able to have an hour or so to run.  Steve was amazing. I would come home to a fed and happy baby and dinner on the table.  He made it so easy for me.

So, I kept this routine up for about two weeks until my knees turned against me. More on that next time.

(Don’t forget to head over to Kim’s blog. She’s doing a giveaway a week until Christmas. Check out this week’s giveaway here! Don’t be shy!)


8 thoughts on “How It All Began…

  1. Steve (The Husband) says:

    It was great to see you in the race and cheer you on! I’m here for you always and for support through your journey of running?

  2. kilax says:

    I remember seeing that email with the spectator info and the 5K at the bottom. I instantly thought about asking you to do it, but it was right after you had sent me an email saying you were interested in running one, but not right away! So when you responded about the 5K I was SO SO SO EXCITED!!! 🙂

    I love the Mile WON pic! I love running in that part of your ‘hood 😉 Can’t wait until the next time I come…

  3. My goodness Gina! You are going to make me feel like the ultimate slacker! Luca was only 7 months old and you decided to take up running!?! I will only run if something is chasing me that wants to eat me. Good for you!

    btw, my sis just moved to Chicago and she’s a runner… 😉

    • Gina says:

      Maggie! Thanks for coming over! I used to think that would be the only way someone could get me to run, too. You are def not the ultimate slacker you creative toy maker, you!

  4. Congrats on starting a blog! I’ve followed (and run with) Kim for a little while, glad to see she’s spreading the running cheer!

  5. Gina says:

    Hi Lauren! I’m glad you came by to check out my blog!

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