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Shoe Fairy, FTW!

March has been such a roller coaster month and by far my least run mileage month since I started this running charade adventure.  On this month’s list of activities was my son’s first nasty cold.  He was a trooper – can’t really say the same for his mom.  I had a couple of back to back to back to back sleepless nights listening to him cough, breath and sneeze. I never caught the cold from LP per se but I felt on the brink of sick for about a week.  Not sure which is worse –  a full blown out cold or feeling like I’m about to go down for days on end.

I’m also in the midst of planning a baby shower for my sister-in-law which requires me to ponder the merits of pale pink ribbon vs. dark pink ribbon for several hours on end.  Somewhere in there I threw a small party for my mom’s 60th.  Shh, don’t tell her I told you she’s 60.  So, yeah my plates been a little full lately and running has unfortunately taken a back seat.  My first opportunity for a run doesn’t come ‘til after 8 PM and some days I just don’t have anything left. Wah wah wah, I know.

However a few cool things have happened in the running department despite my lackluster running efforts. I discovered that along with the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Mr. Claus, there is a Shoe Fairy walking running among us.  It’s true.  This particular Shoe Fairy works together with Amazon and together they sent me a pair of freaking awesome running sneakers right to my door step.  Sneakers that someone else bought for ME.  I don’t even know the last time that happened.  Maybe like in the 5th grade by my parents? The Shoe Fairy heard about some shin (shudder – I HATE that word) issues and a few days later through the magic of Amazon Prime, new Asics Cumulus 13’s in HOT PINK were waiting for me at my doorstep.  Um, what? I still have to pinch myself that something like that actually happened to me.  I’m not going to mention who the Shoe Fairy is to protect his or her or their identity but those shoes made my week.  For someone to be that selfless and buy me a pair of (not cheap) sneakers blew my mind and just made me feel all warm and fuzzy.  I’m not going to lie, I cried.  I didn’t cry over the fact that I was gifted a pair of  (sweet) sneakers, but more over the fact that someone believes enough in my running ability and in me felt amazing.  Better than amazing. What’s the word for better than amazing? Insert that word here because that’s how I felt.    I still catch myself staring at my new sneakers when I run. So stay tuned to this blog for that accident waiting to happen.

Another fun running moment was an opportunity to run with Kim! Kim was on business in NYC so we planned an after work run! She patiently waited until the baby was sleeping to go out on a five+ mile run.  I did the first 2.7 miles with her and The Husband cut in to do the last 2.55.  I took Kim through a nice, pleasant section of the nabe with views of Manhattan and circled back to the house so Steve could get his run in while I stayed home with the sleeping baby.  Steve took her through the most sketchy part of the neighborhood that’s very industrial, desolate at night and topped it off with a turnaround at Riker’s Island.  Seriously, Steve? I am happy to report that Kim is still alive.  The run was so much fun despite some nagging knee issues. I still can’t talk and run at the same time (WHYYYY?!) but I tried anyway.  I always have so much to talk to Kim about that I find myself interrupting her with questions, stories and whatever else just to try to get it all in.  Sorry, Kim -and- thanks for being so patient with us and for running so late in the evening – especially when you had to wake up early the next morning to get another run in!

I’m hoping to ramp up my running days in April – I’m signed up for a 5K with The Husband on Roosevelt Island in May so I need to make sure I get moving!

So, now you’re caught up. Hopefully it won’t be another month to my next blog post.

Aren't they purty?!