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2nd Annual 5k Run Benefiting the Icla Da Silva Foundation Race Recap

Progress. That’s how I’ll sum up this race.

Packet Pick-Up:

How come no one ever recaps the packet pick-up in their race reports?  I’ll do it! The pick-up went pretty smooth and I got a t-shirt.  Well, that’ss why no one ever talks about the pick-up…booor-ing.

The Runners:

Me, The Husband, and the Brother-in-law.  You may remember the Brother-in-law from such races as the Prospect Park Relay.

Race Day:

The race was held on Roosevelt Island.  Despite the island being so accessible to Queens and Manhattan, I haven’t spent much time on the Island at all.  It’s a small island, very residential and has amazing views of Manhattan. The Island felt like a college campus and it was so quiet.   It was a small race, which I LOVED.  Approximately 400 runners give or take.  The race started promptly at 9 am and I thought it was pretty well organized.  Not that I have a lot of races to compare it with, but everything went smoothly. My only teeny tiny complaint was the mile markers. The markers were arrow shaped signs so I couldn’t tell if it meant that’s were the mile was or that the mile marker was up ahead.  Stuff like that annoys the crap out of me when I’m running.  I must learn to go with the flow more, but I like knowing where I am. I took my Garmin on the race with me, but it wouldn’t cooperate.  Translation: I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted.  Translation: I stoooopid.

Here’s a map of the course:

I loved the course! The views, when I remembered to take it all in, were gorgeous. Some highlights: a light house, a view of the hospital where my son was born, bridges, and the Manhattan skyline.  There were lots of times on the course that there was very little  shade and the beating sun made me feel a tad crappy.  Not to self, wear a sun visor on sunny days.  Derp.  I ran my first mile in about 10 mins which is not like me.  I’m usually a lot slower than that. I couldn’t keep that pace much longer after mile 1 and slowed down considerably after that.  There were a few walk breaks, which I am ok with.  I just didn’t get the training in that I wanted to for this race. I choked on the water at the water stop, again.  Seriously, any volunteers to help me train for water intake during races?  Double derp.


My Dad, his wife, and my son came out to cheer us on! They waited for us around Mile 1 – they were easy to spot as there were not too many other spectators.  I got high fives all around and my Dad sang the Rocky Theme Song.  Bonus points, Dad! My son was busy looking at his feet when I passed by.  We saw them again at the finish line where my son was still looking at his feet.

The End:

I pushed it hard for the last .25 mile and flew to the finish line (that’s how it felt).  I got some cheers from the spectators and the look of pride on my Dad’s face was priceless.  Oh, and someone handed me water at the finish line.  That was freaking awesome.  The volunteers were so on their game.

The time:

36:21.  Total meh, but I think it’s better than my last race — so progress! I’m getting somewhere slowly.  That’s all I can really ask for when my runs have been so sporadic.

Things to remember for next time:

Wear a visor on sunny days.

Learn to be in the moment more and focus less on the finish line.  I realized after the race when I was talking to my fellow racers that I missed a lot of interesting sights. Like the young skateboarders stopping their skateboarding to gawk at the runners.  Like the Starbucks we passed.   I did notice a runner at Mile 2 throw up her hands airplane style as we took the turn.  I want to be more like that girl.  She was having fun.  I’m not going to win trophies at these events so I might was well have fun with it.  I want to be like the girl wearing the purple knee highs and purple plaid kilt.  Oh wait, that was a guy wearing that stuff.  I just want to be able to have more fun while running. I want to be like this girl.

I so want to go back and run around Roosevelt Island again.  Doesn’t have to be for a race.  I just want to go back and check it all out again.  I think it’s a nice sign of progress when a race leaves you wanting more.

Nice job, Roosevelt Island 5K.


.05K Walk for Diabetes

Who’s with me on this one! I think I could really rock this walk.  

From The Onion:,28103/

SAVANNAH, GA—Celebrity chef and restaurateur Paula Deen announced Monday that her recently launched Step for a Cure Foundation would host its first annual .05K fun walk on May 20 to raise money for Type 2 diabetes research.

The star of the Food Network shows Paula’s Home Cooking and Paulas Best Dishessaid the .031-mile course would cover a half block of Whitaker Street in Savannah’s Historic District and would be open to walkers of all skill levels.

“Diabetes is a devastating condition that keeps folks from enjoying a regular lifestyle and doing things they love, but with y’all’s support, we can help the doctors get this disease licked,” said Deen, who hopes to raise $500,000 with the event and has asked donors to sponsor walkers with a pledge of $1 to $5 per step. “This .05K walk may be one heck of a challenge, but it’s for such a good cause I’m darn sure gonna finish it.”

“Plus I want to show people that just because you’re diabetic doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and move around a little,” Deen added.

Deen, who has suffered from the disorder since 2009 but only recently revealed her diagnosis while endorsing a diabetes drug for a pharmaceutical manufacturer, told reporters she had begun an exhausting training regimen to prepare for the 164-foot event, walking slowly on a treadmill for up to 15 seconds each day.

According to the food media mogul who made a name for herself by drinking straight liquid butter on television, the .05K should take about an hour to complete and will provide a fun family atmosphere, with a band playing at the halfway point and walkers at the starting line being cheered on by spectators at the nearby finish line.

In addition, Deen assured participants the walking route would include 32 water and aid stations, which will serve deep-fried, melt-in-your-mouth garlic cheese biscuits “just in case anybody gets the butter tingles.”

“This is a fundraiser, not a race, so it’s important to make sure nobody gets too winded or wears out their little ol’ legs,” said the bestselling author of a childrens cookbook that suggests eating cheesecake for breakfast. “Just go at your own pace. Nobody needs to walk fast or anything.”

“I’m sure I’ll stop and rest part way and take a 20-minute breather myself,” Deen added. “It’s easy to lose steam once you hit that wall around step 72.”

In an effort to limit the depletion of energy in walkers’ muscles during the “fatiguing” 1,969-inch hike, Deen suggested all participants load up on carbohydrates by eating a pan of her famous homemade batter-dipped French fries the night before the walk.

“We’re asking folks to give whatever they can to help out, because if there’s a more urgent cause than finding a cure for adult-onset diabetes, I sure as heck don’t know what it is,” said Deen, explaining that part of the fun-walk proceeds would be used to purchase insulin so those afflicted with the disease can continue eating as many “yummy treats” as they desire. “Ain’t it just the worst?”

“Believe me, honey, I know how sad it is to say ‘no thank you’ to that second pan of brownies, or reduce your mayonnaise intake by a quart,” Deen continued.

Ha, Well done, The Onion.  This article had me rolling so I had to share.  

And look! Back to back posts! A MileWon personal record! Where’s my medal. 



Ugh.  I have a race coming up on Saturday and I have not run in a stupid amount of time.  So, Saturday should be fun! I’m calling it the Family Fun Run 5k as I will be running it with The Husband and The Husband’s brother.   I was really excited about this race when I signed up. I figured I would be in really good running shape and maybe even get out to the course once to check it out.  None of that happened.  April just slipped right by me.  More illnesses, a ridiculous amount of April birthdays, the birth of my neice and planning my son’s first birthday party took up the little free time I have. Plus my energy levels felt non existent.  Excuses, right? I’m sure I could have pushed myself to get out there, but I really just didn’t have the drive and I don’t want to kill running.  I want to be able to enjoy it and not burn myself out for no apparent reason, so I guess I took the attitude that if I am not feeling it, I am not feeling it.  The run will come out tomorrow.

The plan this week is to run as much as possible leading up to the race in hopes that will prevent Saturday from being a complete and utter disaster. I also received a super fancy Garmin watch for my birthday! I want to really get to know the watch so I can use it for the race.  Saturday should be interesting to say the least.  I think I’m just going to focus on the family aspect and just really enjoy being out there with some fam! Getting together to do a race just doesn’t happen much, if at all – so this will be great!

Race report to follow.  If I live to tell about it.