Ugh.  I have a race coming up on Saturday and I have not run in a stupid amount of time.  So, Saturday should be fun! I’m calling it the Family Fun Run 5k as I will be running it with The Husband and The Husband’s brother.   I was really excited about this race when I signed up. I figured I would be in really good running shape and maybe even get out to the course once to check it out.  None of that happened.  April just slipped right by me.  More illnesses, a ridiculous amount of April birthdays, the birth of my neice and planning my son’s first birthday party took up the little free time I have. Plus my energy levels felt non existent.  Excuses, right? I’m sure I could have pushed myself to get out there, but I really just didn’t have the drive and I don’t want to kill running.  I want to be able to enjoy it and not burn myself out for no apparent reason, so I guess I took the attitude that if I am not feeling it, I am not feeling it.  The run will come out tomorrow.

The plan this week is to run as much as possible leading up to the race in hopes that will prevent Saturday from being a complete and utter disaster. I also received a super fancy Garmin watch for my birthday! I want to really get to know the watch so I can use it for the race.  Saturday should be interesting to say the least.  I think I’m just going to focus on the family aspect and just really enjoy being out there with some fam! Getting together to do a race just doesn’t happen much, if at all – so this will be great!

Race report to follow.  If I live to tell about it.


2 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. kilax says:

    You will still have a lot of fun at the race! See how you are feeling this week then plan according to that! Maybe you can set up a fun run/walk plan to stick to – run 5/walk 2 etc. Believe me, if you have it planned in advance, you will feel good about doing it during the race! At my first and second fulls I had so much walking I felt upset, but then for my third one I planned to walk a minute every two miles or something like that, and I felt really good about it since it was part of my plan.

    Okay, enough of “do this, do that.” Hope you have fun with your family! 🙂 🙂 🙂 It will be cool to explore all of Roosevelt Island too! 🙂

  2. Courtney says:

    I think you have a great attitude about just trying to enjoy running with your family!!! Make it about running with the family and don’t get down on yourself that you haven’t “prepared”!! I have yet to figure out how to fit everything into my schedule that I would like to do and like you said, time just seems to be slipping by!!

    Super fancy Garmin watch!!! Nice!!! You should post a picture of it!!!

    I know you will have a blast and I can’t wait to hear the race recap and see how it went!!!

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