That’s hawt.

It’s been hot.  Hawt hot.  My next race is July 15th on my turf.  Very excited about this one, but of course, I need to get my butt in gear because I haven’t been squeezing in the runs lately.  Mostly because running in the heat is just so unappealing to me.  I could do it every once in a while (like on race day), but I think I would find it really difficult to make a conscious effort to get my run on when the temperature hits stupidly hot.

A friend of mine gave me her kid’s old jogging stroller. It’s in perfect condition and is really light weight.  I was so excited to take LP out for a run and actually be able to run with the Husband at the same time.  Of course, the second the stroller was passed down to us, the temperature decided to stay in the 90’s.  Fun stuff.

I thought running after LP ate dinner and before his bath time would be a nice time to squeeze in a run with the boys during the week. Not so much.  It was still in the 80’s around 6:30 PM, the sun was setting in my eyes, and I was trying to get used to the jogging stroller.  All this equated to a craptastic run. I think I was just unprepared for running in nasty, humid weather.

Fast forward to Saturday morning’s run.  We decided to get in a run before the sun started to blaze.  It worked out pretty well, except that neither of us are used to running in the heat.  It was 80 degrees and mostly shady but the minute we were out of the shade, running in the sun really made me feel awful, but we did it! There was going to be a Sunday morning run but it was 85 degrees at like 9 AM so I was like “Um, no “.  The husband didn’t put much of a fight on that one, either.

I bring up all this running in the heat stuff because I think I spent most of the weekend marveling at – no. Marveling isn’t the right word.  Floored.  Yes, I’ll go with floored. As I was riding to and from in my air conditioned car this weekend,  I was  floored by how many people were running in the heat of the day! Most without any water with them, some in sweat pants (!!!SWEATPANTSSSSSSS!!), some without a hat or a visor to shield them from the glaring sun.  I was s-h-o-c-k-e-d.  Really, people?  First, I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the NEED to run while it is STIFLING hot. How do you breath when the air quality is crap!  I really want to know.  I’m not judging or anything, but I am just so damn curious behind this rationale.

Is it because you are training for a race and NEED to get in a certain amount of miles?

Just have to run?

Is it the challenge?

Is it because the heat just doesn’t bother you? Are you used to it?

How hot is too hot?

I get that most runners don’t want to halt their passion just because a little heat wave is rolling through, but I wonder if they ever consider an alternative.  Like running on a treadmill inside? Or maybe swimming? Or maybe running at dawn or at dusk?  Or maybe reading a book on a hammock (sign me up!).  I was really concerned that some of these runners were just going to drop dead or pass out!  I know the concept of running in hot weather isn’t new, but I guess since I’ve been running since October, I’m noticing it more this summer.  I feel like for me, there is no need to push myself like that.  I want to enjoy running and running in hot weather is just not my cup of tea.  I rather exercise good judgment.  I more or less know what I can handle, and I don’t think I could handle running in the heat of the day like so many of these runners were doing.  I guess if their bodies can handle it, more power to them.

Yes, I know this sounds like a whiny little rant, but I really am intrigued.


8 thoughts on “That’s hawt.

  1. Steve (The Husband) says:

    It would be interesting to interview some people running in the middle of the day. Get their take as to why they are running now. It is dangerous out there in these temps, regardless of running or just sitting around doing nothing.

    Running in the heat, as you know, to me does not make it fun. Plus I am known to be sensitive to heat. So, I need to be careful. This morning would have been a good time to run, but of course work gets in the way.

  2. Courtney says:

    First let me give you two big cat paws up for running (two bonus paws for running in the heat)!!! At least you are attempting it (that’s more than I can say)!! And- add to the fact you have a jogging stroller AND Steve is running with you- AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! I am super proud of you (and Steve and LP for being a good sport)!!!

    I completely understand your questions about WHY (not judging- I just don’t understand)! I break a serious sweat just leaving the house, I can’t even imagine exercising outside when it’s as hot as it is. I would much rather be in the pool or on the treadmill! I think that like you said, knowing what you and your body can handle and doing what you think is best is the way to go! No reason to kill yourself!!

    Ironically- on yahoo today I saw this:
    “A series of experiments shows that cooling the neck before working out in hot, humid weather can significantly boost athletic performance. Volunteers wearing ice-cold, strap-on neck collars could run faster on a treadmill in 87-degree heat than when they weren’t wearing the collars. You can get similar results by dipping a handkerchief in ice water and draping it around your neck.”
    (Just some food for thought!!)

    Steve’s comment about work getting in the way of running this morning made me think: Ah ha!! We should have followed Kim’s advice and quit working and started eating ice cream all day!! Then you could have run this morning!! See, that would have been perfect!!!


  3. Gina says:

    OOOOOO, That is a very interesting study, Courtney! Def some food for thought. I wonder if eating ice cream while running has the same boost! I’ll try and let you know, haha!

  4. kilax says:

    I love that you two get to exercise together now that you can push Luca! That is awesome! I can’t wait to see him in his stroller!

    I definitely do not prefer to run in the heat in the middle of the day, but I do it once in awhile. It helps me get accustomed to the heat, and lets me sleep in (and I unfortunately hate the treadmill). I slow my pace WAY down and walk if I need to. But I carry water and wear as little as possible. I do not understand the sweatpants/no visor/no water thing. I think almost every runner I see is overdressed, ha ha.

    And I do do it for all the reasons you asked – training/have to run/like the challenge/am used to the heat. I will run in any temperature, just adjust my route to stay safe. And seriously, I have been burned (literally and metaphorically) by a hot marathon, so I do a few hot runs on purpose now and then. Funny thing – yesterday it was in the high 80s when my dad and I were out and he was like “UGH! THis sun!” I said, “I know! Imagine running 26.2 miles in this!” I think the fact that I have run that far in oppressive heat makes it easier to run shorter distances in it.

    As a beginning runner though, you should definitely not push yourself to run in the heat, because besides being dangerous, it will make you hate running! LOL!

    • Gina says:

      good point about the hot marathon, makes sense to train for that condition. I guess I look at running as more of a hobby or for fitness rather than a sport sometimes. Do you want to stand on the corner with me and ask all the runners we see why they like to run in hawt weather?

  5. Nadine says:

    Yes please ask them and you can do it in a totally non-snarky way.

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