Labor Day 5K | Roosevelt Island, NY

“Whether someone’s a 3-hour or 6-hour marathoner, they’re still a marathoner. Whether someone runs a 5K in 18 minutes or 40 minutes, they’re still a runner. You are not allowed to ask “Hey, how’d your race go?” as a way to open the door to brag about yourself. Let them have the spotlight! Give ‘em a high five, smile, and shut up. It’s their moment.” – Susan Lacke,

So, with that said, on to the recap!

I was back on Roosevelt Island to run a 5K with The Husband and Brother-in-Law on Labor Day.  I don’t know what it is, but I really like running races on this Island.  I have no idea why, because both races haven’t been spectacular.  It must be the course itself; relatively flat with amazing views.  Manhattan on one side, Queens on the other side.  Throw in a light house and a tram and it’s a pretty darn unique place to run.

The Husband and I decided to run this race together.  Usually it’s every man for themselves, but I was really hoping to match my time from my last race or do better so he said he would stick with me and push me along if needed.  That was all well and good on paper, didn’t quite translate too well on the course.  The Husband did a great job of staying by my side but unfortunately not even he could help power me through my “Must. Stop. Legs. Are. Falling. Off” mentality. I had a great first mile but then the humidity started to beat the crap out of me.  Sigh.  Around mile two, I just felt nauseas and I could feel the water I took from my water bottle sloshing around my tummy.  Fun times.  So yeah, there were walk breaks. Although, my walk breaks are improving! They aren’t for that long anymore!

Favorite race moments: giving high fives to the race marshals and volunteers whether they wanted it or not.  The husband was probably cringing at my high fiving action (don’t think I didn’t see the high five you gave to that girl around Mile 2, Steve), but dammit, I need some enthusiasm people!  Special thanks to the guy at the lighthouse turn that gave me an awesome high five and declared that my hi five was his first of the race.  Second favorite race moment: Crossing the finish line with The Husband.   In what’s becoming a tradition, we held hands crossing the finish line. It drew a lot of cheers from the small crowd gathering around the finish line. What can I say, I do it for the people. Haha.

Overall, I enjoyed the race. I just wish more people on the Island would come out and cheer us on – it always seems so deserted. Cheering spectators always go such a long way.

I think I finished in 36:09 – not exactly where I wanted to be, but again, I have trouble running in humidity, so I’m trying to cut myself a little slack.  I am so hoping the fall will bring better races runs.  I’m eyeing another Roosevelt Island run in October.  For some reason, I just want to have a decent run and I want to have it there.

It’s another run in the books (#6!), may I have my high five now?


8 thoughts on “Labor Day 5K | Roosevelt Island, NY

  1. Steve (The Husband) says:


    I agree, the Island is a fun place to run and really enjoy it. And I enjoyed running it with you! You will continue to work at it and the fall weather will help. There really weren’t to many walk breaks and they were very small. So that is a key positive right there that has improved.

    I too am looking forward to the cooler temps, but not the less daylight : ( Back to the dark basement of treadmill running.

    Hate when water is just sloshing in the tummy…not a good feeling.

  2. Kandi says:

    Congrats!! I hate running in humidity and always feel proud of any humid race regardless of the time I get. Fall is right around the corner (hopefully)!!

  3. kilax says:

    Whoa! Six races already?! That is cray cray! You should be super proud. And def add a page of your races run on here. Stat!

    I would LOVE to run a race there. I can see why you would want to! It’s kind of a magical little island, between Manhattan and Queens… just such a fun adventure to go there!

    I love giving high fives during races! Were there any kids? They love that too!

    I have no idea how to “race” in the humidity. I did not do well with it when we ran in Astoria, and don’t do well with it in the summer… hence… summer is not for PRs. Or enjoyable races, sometimes. LOL. I can’t wait to hear how you LOVE fall running! (if we get a real “fall,” that is)

    • Gina says:

      I didn’t notice too many kids at this race. True, summer is NOT for PRs! That makes me feel better! Wish we could coordinate a RI run. Maybe we should just go out and run our own 5K on the Island.

  4. Courtney says:

    I am so impressed with you having run 6 5k’s this year!! Go Gina Go!!! I am also proud of you for not “beating yourself up” over the small walk breaks and the humidity!!! I think it’s awesome you were giving out high fives!! Very cool and very motivating!!! (That would have motivated me for sure!!) I’m really glad that you and Steve get to run together!!
    Roosevelt Island sounds like an amazing place to run!!! And, I really really like the quote you opened up with, it is so true!!! Hopefully the weather will start to cool off soon and maybe you can get some outside runs in before winter!!

  5. Gina says:

    Oh, trust me, I did beat myself over the walk breaks. Sigh. I’m over it now. On to the next race. Isn’t that a cool lil quote? I like it!

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