Run for Congo Women Race Report | Roosevelt Island, N.Y.

I decided very last minute to run this race.  I had it on my radar for a while but didn’t register for it because my running for September was pretty close to zilch.  I ran a race on Labor Day and that was pretty much it until September 22nd.  The running lapse was due in part me trying to wait out the humidity for cooler temps.  When the cooler temps came my son got sick and then passed it on to me.  It’s crazy how much an illness or two can really side line me from my running routine.  I was relieved when I picked it up again towards the end of the month as I didn’t seem to lose much in the way of my running ability – thankfully.  I was almost too scared to start running again.  I’ve been slowly increasing the mileage and pushing myself to keep going and I’m pretty happy with how everything has been going for the last couple of weeks. So, since I felt pretty good I decided to sign up for the race on race day. I didn’t mention it to anyone just in case I decided to skip the run.

The Run for the Congo Women brought me back to Roosevelt Island!  As my Dad said to me, I must really like running flat courses.  Yup! This race marked my 7th race and my 3rd at Roosevelt Island.   I can’t seem to get enough of those Roosevelt Island runs!

It was a shot gun start but was chipped timed (that really threw me for some reason).  The chips were connected to a piece of Velcro that I strapped onto my wrist. I’m used to the chip being on the bib and was a little worried that the chip on my wrist would annoy me during my run.  It didn’t – it was really light weight and I hardly noticed it during the run.


Before the race, I threw down some small goals that I wanted to meet.  I wanted to run 2M straight before thinking about a walk break and I wanted to come in faster that my previous Roosevelt Island time.  I did both! I felt a lot stronger than my past two Roosevelt Island runs but not nearly as strong as the race I ran in Illinois.  I think weather is still playing a factor with these races.  It was about 70 degrees and sunny.  I was hoping that the temps would be a lot cooler for an early morning October race.

The Husband and my son were there to cheer me on.  They are such good sports. They saw me off at the start, again at around mile one and at the finish! The Husband noticed that they didn’t have a mat at the start so I edged up closer to the starting line but not close enough where I would be trampled by the fasties.

The race was pretty well organized save for the fact that it started about 20 mins late.  No biggie.  No race marshals so no one to high five with along the way.  I did manage one single high five for a guy running with a child.  The little girl would get a burst of energy and sprint from one bench to another and the poor man had to try and keep up with her sprinting spurts.  I gave him a high five when he and the little girl were catching a break on the bench! He seemed to get a kick out of it.

My one and only complaint was that the water stop was located at about mile 2.34 which is a little too late in the game for my liking.  I had already passed and stopped at a water fountain before I came upon the water stop.

I came in at 35:43. I’m happy that I came in slightly faster than my last race – still didn’t beat my IL PR.  I wish I could have pushed myself more for a better time, but that is an ongoing effort. I love, love, LOVE coming into the finish line and seeing my boys.  It’s beyond nice having someone waiting for you at the finish!  Favorite part of the race! Race swag! They gave out plastic tote bags with hand and foot creams and a lubricating cream! Pretty cool! They had cookies, bagels, bananas and sample sized Luna bars (S’more flavor) post race.  I wasn’t really that hungry so I grabbed a cookie for Steve and a banana for myself.


 What’s next?

Hopefully I won’t get derailed from running and I can continue train for a November race.  I want to get outside more and focus on pace and form. Form because my calves are still sore so I’m thinking I’m doing something wrong. Any tips?



3 thoughts on “Run for Congo Women Race Report | Roosevelt Island, N.Y.

  1. kilax says:

    What a great race! A new RI PR and two whole miles of running before a break! You are kicking arse!!!

    I bet you will keep running throughout the month and get prepped for your Nov race – as the temps drop it’s just so nice to run outside in the cool, crisp air!

    Have you read anything online about form? There are some good tips out there. You shold run mostly upright, pelvis forward, shoulders low. I bet if you start to focus on those things during your runs it will really help! And make the runs go faster, since you will be thinking about that so much.

    Congrats on another great race! 🙂

  2. Courtney says:

    Gina, you are awesome- and so motivating!!!! I am so proud of you!! I can’t believe this is your 7th 5k!!! That is amazing!!! And I am really excited and proud of you that you met your 2 goals!!! Running 2 miles before even thinking about walking- hell yeah!!! It sounds like a good race (except for the ill timed water station)!!! Hopefully the cooler weather will be a motivator and you can keep on running!!!

  3. bobbi says:

    Yay! You did great! And what cool swag! Sometimes the things in race bags baffle me. Lotion would be awesome- i got vegetable oil (really) in my marathon bag. Weird 🙂

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