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Recap Rewind – Part I: The Winter Series

Before I move forward with le blog, let’s rewind and review the last couple (5) of races:


Cool 5K | Lake County, IL – November 24, 2012

Highlights: Running this brrrific race with Bobbi and Kim! PRing, but not realizing that fact until a month later (derp), and the super duper uber highlight moment: Kim surprising me and Bobbi with our very own personalized race medals! My first race medal, holla! I wore that medal proudly whilst gorging out on a post race brunch at Wildberry. Aww yeah. It’s worth mentioning that Kim put the medal in these cute paint can type containers with…DOVE CHOCOLATES…inside. I savored every damn chocolate, too. No one but me was allowed to touch em. I allowed myself one or two pieces after I completed a run until they were all gone.

Low lights: Having to eavesdrop instead of partaking in Bobbi and Kim’s convos like a stalker because I STILL CANT TALK AND BREATH AND RUN AND THINK AT THE SAME TIME! Sorry, ladies!

Post Race Eats: I recap this stuff because I care. Cookies! Followed by the aforementioned brunch at Wildberry.

Race Swag: A winter hat! My husband wore it all winter.

NYCRUNS HOT CHOCOLATE 5K | Roosevelt Island, NY – December 16, 2012

Highlights: Freaking everything. Kim was in town and paced me to another PR! Seriously, I probably owe this girl my first born – first a medal and then a PR! Which now that I think about it, I only PR with Kim…hmmm. Anyways, Kim paced me, yelled at me, and practically dragged me over the finish line. I kicked and screamed but she just yelled louder. Damn, she’s a good pacer. I ran this fun run with my Husband, my Brother-in-law, and Kim. My fave spectators kept watch of my son and it was just a fun Christmasy run. Roosevelt Island was decked out with Christmas decorations. Hot chocolate and bagels were waiting for us at the finish.

Low light: Taking a walk break. Siiiigh. It was a small one, but I could have and should have pushed myself. My fault.

Post Race Eats: Hot chocolate and bagels, yo! My Road ID does not say RUN FOR BAGELS for nothing. Plus a post race brunch with Kim, The Husband, and Fave spectators. What is it about post race brunches?! Always so nom nom nom!


NYRR GRIDIRON CLASSIC 4M | Central Park, NY – February 3, 2013

Highlights: New distance = automatic PR! I ran this in lieu of the NYRR Dash to the Finish 5k. I was all signed up to run the Dash with the Brother in law and husband but Hurricane Sandy arrived and the rest is history that everyone is aware of and I don’t need to recap that. The race was on Superbowl Sunday and runners were encouraged to wear football related gear so we did! Also, we got to “vote” who we thought would win the Superbowl by running under the appropriate team banners around Mile 3-ish I thought that was cool.

Low lights: I arrived way early and had to wait in the cold in a corral. This race was fun but didn’t help to entirely erase the disappointment of not running the Dash. I was grateful that the NYRR allowed us to choose another race, but as my move date was fast approaching, it stung not being able to participate in that race again.

Post Race Eats – Bagels! This is New York, afterall. Post race brunch (LOVE THOSE) with the Husband a few hours later.

Race Swag: a long-sleeved heavy weight shirt.

Valentine’s Day 5K – Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY – February 11, 2013

Highlights: I ran this race on a whim to use as a little training for the following week’s relay held on the same course. Prospect Park. Home to Mt. PITA. I totally ran that whole course and all the way up that freakin hill. It was a shining moment for me and I was prrrroud!

Low lights: Nothing, I ran up that stupid hill. Booyah.

Post Race Eats – Can you guess? Bagels! And since we were in the neighborhood, donuts from Dun-Well Donuts.

Race Swag: A red carnation flower, a water bottle and a long sleeved heavy weight t-shirt.

2013 Cherry Tree 10 Miler and 3 Person Relay – Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY – February 17, 2013

Highlights: Partaking in the relay for the second time! This time it was my Brother in law, Husband, and I running “against” Kim, her husband, and her brother in law. Collectively, we were the RELAYTEDS! I’ll just let you think about that for a moment. My favorite part was running with Kim’s husband whom I never had the opportunity to run with ever. And yes, I made it up the hill, again. Slowly.

Low lights: A last minute babysitting snafu left us without a babysitter. We had to switch around legs and sprint back to home base to hang out with my son. It all worked out in the end, but the stress of trying to figure out a new game plan together with a couple of other things floating around my head – I didn’t enjoy this race as much as I would have liked.

Race Swag: Running gloves, which came in super handy during the race! Totally beats last year’s “hats”.

Post Race Eats: I saved room for DUN WELL DONUTS! Look at that, we were in the neighborhood, again! And leftover pizza! Le Yum!

Thanks for reading this far! I commend your endurance! Part II: The Texas Edition will follow soonish.

Let me end this marathon recapping session by wishing Kim a very happy birthday today and also, big huge congratulations to my friend, Courtney on her recent engagement! Banner week!

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Note to self: Race Your Own Race

Well, helllloooo there.  It’s been 9 mths since my last post so I figured it was about high time I gave birth to a new post.  A lot of happenings (and races) since my last race recap in Oct 2012! The biggest non-running related news: a new house in Texas.  Booyah, y’all.   The biggest running related news: hmm, it’s a toss up between a new 5K PR; my very first age group award and writing a new blog post!  Phew! The things that can happen in 9 months.

I stopped writing my race recaps because I just didn’t feel into it.   I couldn’t think of any creative and fresh ways to recap yet another 5K.  I want my posts to be some what entertaining and I felt tapped out of creativity-ness (new word alert!).  Not to mention the impending move to a new house in a new state sat in the forefront of my brain leaving little room for much else.   Also, I started to downgrade my accomplishments in my own mind.  Thoughts like, no one cares if you ran 3 miles without stopping, no one is going to be excited that you ran up that mother effing hill because to them, the hill  “is not that bad”. I guess a small part of me thought others would snicker at my highlights. So, it’s taken me a while to realize: my accomplishments and achievements are my MY accomplishments and achievements.  There will always be someone faster and stronger doing a helluva lot more impressive things than me but it’s OK.  This is about me and doing things out of my comfort zone and doing things that I never thought I could or would do.  It’s a very basic concept and not an earth shattering realization, but I lost sight of it and struggled with it.   I realized that I should be proud to document my accomplishments and achievements (and even the lowlights!) no matter how big or small they seem to another runner (or more accurately, how I think others will perceived them).  If for no other reason than to look back and remind myself of what I have done, big or small.

Now that the dust has settled a little after the move and most of the boxes are unpacked (haha, yeah right), I felt compelled again to write down my running musings.  I think the trigger to dust this blog off happened after I read a really great post from Dimity McDowell called, Rookie Lessons: How To Race Your Own Race.  McDowell, prior to participating in her first Ironman (helloooo Badass!),  had a momentary freak out when sizing up the fitness level and experience of the other athletes.  Her confidence waivered until she realized, in her own words, she was “wasting valuable mental energy focusing on anything except what I should’ve had my eye on: my race.”.

So, here on out, I will race my own race and take note of the highs (and lows) along the way to the finish line.