Note to self: Race Your Own Race

Well, helllloooo there.  It’s been 9 mths since my last post so I figured it was about high time I gave birth to a new post.  A lot of happenings (and races) since my last race recap in Oct 2012! The biggest non-running related news: a new house in Texas.  Booyah, y’all.   The biggest running related news: hmm, it’s a toss up between a new 5K PR; my very first age group award and writing a new blog post!  Phew! The things that can happen in 9 months.

I stopped writing my race recaps because I just didn’t feel into it.   I couldn’t think of any creative and fresh ways to recap yet another 5K.  I want my posts to be some what entertaining and I felt tapped out of creativity-ness (new word alert!).  Not to mention the impending move to a new house in a new state sat in the forefront of my brain leaving little room for much else.   Also, I started to downgrade my accomplishments in my own mind.  Thoughts like, no one cares if you ran 3 miles without stopping, no one is going to be excited that you ran up that mother effing hill because to them, the hill  “is not that bad”. I guess a small part of me thought others would snicker at my highlights. So, it’s taken me a while to realize: my accomplishments and achievements are my MY accomplishments and achievements.  There will always be someone faster and stronger doing a helluva lot more impressive things than me but it’s OK.  This is about me and doing things out of my comfort zone and doing things that I never thought I could or would do.  It’s a very basic concept and not an earth shattering realization, but I lost sight of it and struggled with it.   I realized that I should be proud to document my accomplishments and achievements (and even the lowlights!) no matter how big or small they seem to another runner (or more accurately, how I think others will perceived them).  If for no other reason than to look back and remind myself of what I have done, big or small.

Now that the dust has settled a little after the move and most of the boxes are unpacked (haha, yeah right), I felt compelled again to write down my running musings.  I think the trigger to dust this blog off happened after I read a really great post from Dimity McDowell called, Rookie Lessons: How To Race Your Own Race.  McDowell, prior to participating in her first Ironman (helloooo Badass!),  had a momentary freak out when sizing up the fitness level and experience of the other athletes.  Her confidence waivered until she realized, in her own words, she was “wasting valuable mental energy focusing on anything except what I should’ve had my eye on: my race.”.

So, here on out, I will race my own race and take note of the highs (and lows) along the way to the finish line.



9 thoughts on “Note to self: Race Your Own Race

  1. Courtney says:

    I am proud of you for your new 5k PR!!! I understand “downgrading your own accomplishments” but I love to hear about your running- the highs and the lows!! I think what you have accomplished is fantastic!!! I look forward to more posts !!!

  2. Welcome back! Congrats on the age group award – I’m still wanting one! I blog for a few reasons: one for the community, two for the reflections and to record my memories of the races (including: what went well & what didn’t).

    I just read a post from “I Heart Pikermi’s” where she is listing out each of her half marathons with names like “The one where…” I’d love to hear about your 5K’s and other races we’ve missed out on with quick descriptions like that!

    And no race accomplishment is too big or small… one of my biggest accomplishments is that I don’t panic before races any more (!) and hide in the port-a-potties.

    • Gina says:

      Hi Lauren! Thanks for the idea, I like it! I’m glad you’re not panicking in the port-a-potties anymore – much more fun to breath the air farrrr away from those! : )

  3. kilax says:

    Yay! Hello! Long time no read 🙂

    I am sad that you were feeling that way. And it surprises me, because I know YOU would never look down on someone’s accomplishments! Right now, there are lot of people I would be excited for, if they would go on a walk… which yeah, to me, is not my ideal workout, but how awesome that they would be DOING something?! It is your race! It’s your journey! If we all had the same one, that would be freaking BO-HOR-ING.

    You always write the best recaps! I hear you on feeling like you have no creativity though. Because you have done a lot (and how cool is that) and if there was nothing unique, it’s kind of the same, right? The report I am writing for the race I did last night has maybe… two paragraphs about the actual race. Ha ha ha.

    Congrats on your AG PLACEMENT!!!!!!!!!! AHH! SO cool! I have been telling EVERYONE!!!!

  4. bobbi says:

    I am so excited to see you writing again! Mostly, selfishly, because I adore your recaps 🙂

    And just MAYBE, it’ll get my butt in gear to write again too 🙂

    Dimity is the bomb. I’m so glad you’ve come to this place in your journey where you feel comfortable in it’s YOURness again. 🙂

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