Running Shirts Making Me Happy

I’ve acquired some new running tees that make me smile every time I put them on.

My bestie sent me a giftie a couple of weeks ago! Waiting for me inside the mailbox was this little gem:


It’s hard to see, but the shirt says – wait for it – “JUST RUN, YA’LL”.  As a newly minted Texan, this shirt is freaking perfection! It was such a fun and awesome surprise that it truly made my day when I saw it waiting for me in the mail.  I procrastinated big time on writing this post (because I am sooo good at procrastination) but I am so glad that I did because it paid off! The last time I wore this tee, a lady at the grocery store read my shirt and in her wonderfully awesome Texan accent, squealed, “JUST RUN YA’LL, HAHAHA, THAT SOOO CUTE!”.  If receiving the shirt made my day, hearing someone squeal JUST RUN YA’LL made my year and it was all thanks to Kim!  I wish I had a recording.

You can get a better view of the shirt at RUN PRETTY FAR.

See, the bracelet on my wrist? That was sent to me by another good buddy, Courtney! The bracelet was waiting for me after I signed up for a 6-week running class! Finding something fun in the mail from Courtney was the icing on my cake that day! Kim and Courtney are probably the reason why I have an obsession with checking the mail like a little kid every day.  I get the best surprises from these two!  I love when people take the time out of their day to send me a card, a trinket or a gift! It instantly makes me feel awesome. And loved.

I treated myself to the next two newly acquired shirts from GONE FOR A RUN.

Womens Everyday Runners Tee Texas State Runner

Womens Everyday Runners Tee New York State Runner

When GONE FOR A RUN posted these shirts on their Facebook page I knew, KNEW, I had to have one.  I agonized over which state to buy.  New York, my home state or Texas, my new state? What’s a girl to do? Buy both! I haven’t got any comments on these shirts yet, but I do get a couple of confused stares when I wear the New York Runner shirt in Texas.  Love it.

Any newly acquired running gear making you smile these days?

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2 thoughts on “Running Shirts Making Me Happy

  1. kilax says:

    Ha ha ha! I would love to see people’s faces when you wear the NY shirt in TX! Are you going to wear the TX shirt in NY? Ha. You might get some, er, funny reactions 😉 And I want to hear that lady read your shirt!

    You ARE awesome and loved! 🙂

    I was smiling when I put that shoe charm on on Saturday 🙂 Does it count if the salted caramel GUs make me smile? 🙂

  2. Courtney says:

    I love your new running shirts!! The one Kim sent looks fantastic on you!! That cracks me up about the lady in the grocery store!! You do have to give it to us though, Texans are super friendly!!! I wonder if she knew she made your whole day/year!!! I like both of your state runner t-shirts too but obviously I am more partial to one of them! 😉

    And, like Kim said- you are awesome and loved!!! Getting stuff in the mail is fun and exciting, it makes the bills and other not-fun stuff not quite so bad!!

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