Labor Day 5K and 15K | White Rock Lake, Dallas TX

AKA my new favorite race! 

It doesn’t rain much here in Dallas during the summer, but of course the rain decided to make an appearance on race day morning! The hubby, my son and I woke up before the sun to trek down to Dallas for a Labor Day race.   I’m glad my son still doesn’t really know the meaning of too damn early, yet. Waking up before the sun didn’t phase him at all. It stormed all the way down to White Rock Lake and I was nervous we would have to run in the rain. I don’t care about running in the rain myself, but didn’t want my son to have to deal with sitting in a stroller and getting whipped in the face with rain.  Luckily, we had a clearing just as the race started and it lasted until well after we finished.  The humidity came out in full force, though.  

I felt like I had a really good race and felt good the entire time.  I decided to enter the Athena (weight) division for this particular race mainly because they offered it and because I never done/seen anything like that. It was a tough decision for me basically because I didn’t want to put myself in a harder division than the age group division.  I don’t normally ever place in my age group so I figured what the heck, I’ll give the Athena division a shot.  It’s basically all a crap shoot.  Case in point, I placed third in the Athena division but would have scored second in my age group.  That stung for a second, but I got over it.  Never the less, my goal is to someday not be eligible for the weight class division at all just so I don’t have to make a decision about entering into the age group division vs. weight class division. I don’t really see the weight division too much, anyways. 

I rather focus on the new PR I set! I wasn’t aiming for a new PR for this race but I am psyched that it happened! I just wanted to do a hell of a lot better than last years Labor Day race in New York.  And I did! By a lot! (Sorry just had to brag for a tiny bit!) I’ve been doing a lot more (for me) running in the heat and it’s paying off.  It’s nice to see. 

Highlights: It’s a tie between placing in the weight class division and setting a new PR!

Low-lights:  Humidity. Blah.  

Post Race Eats: Bananas.  Gatorade, water, beer, and expired soda.  I stuck with a banana and some Gatorade.  We ate a crappy breakfast at Paradise Cafe. My good post race meal came when I had some brisket for dinner compliments of my friend, Courtney and her fiance! SO. GOOD.

Race Swag: A pretty cool technical t-shirt.  Finisher medals for the 15Kers. The website just said Finisher’s Medals and did not distinguish whom would get the medals. That was annoying. Especially since the medals said Labor Day 5K and 15K on them.  Would it have been so difficult to extend that to the 5K finishers as well? I kid! A little bit. 

All in all, a good way to start Labor Day!  

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2 thoughts on “Labor Day 5K and 15K | White Rock Lake, Dallas TX

  1. Courtney says:

    It figures that it would rain the morning of a 5k and then be humid as hell!! 😉

    You deserve to brag as much as you want too!! Running in the humidity, in Texas- the heat!!! I am super proud of you for continuing to run!!! You and Steve did awesome!!! You are just setting new PR’s left and right!!!! Go Gina Go!!!

  2. kilax says:

    Yay for a new favorite race!!! So it’s going to be on the calendar for next year?! Do you think you would do Athena again? Or probably not, since you said your goal is not to qualify for that category? 🙂

    Congrats on the new PR and placement! You have to tell us what your new PR is! Are you going to remember it this time? LOL!!!! 🙂 I tease, I tease 🙂

    Running in the rain is awesome. Not for your son though! I am happy it cleared it! And happy you are kicking so much arse!

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