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Not this year

Whomp, whomp, whooomp. Ugh.  I applied for the New York City Marathon (NYCM) lottery and yesterday was the drawing.  I didn’t get lucky this time around so no NYCM for me this year.  Baaaaah.  I still have a little disappointment hang over from yesterday but it’s going away.  Yesterday was a pretty nerve wracking day.  I had to wait 12 hours to hear about my rejection. My eyes popped open at about 6 AM ish and the constant and obsessive email, NYRR account, and credit card statement checks started.  I’m surprised my refresh button is still intact.  If I ever do a lottery thing again, I need to just separate myself from civilization on drawing day.  It was exhausting! The results are going to be the same whether or not I check my status over and over and over again.  It made me really cranky and desperate feeling when I didn’t have an answer one way or the other by 6PM.  

I finally received my rejection right before I did a Social Run at my local running store.  I didn’t have much time for a pity party before the run began and as it turns out: running, laughing and conversation does a lot for the soul.  I guess it was perfect timing that I found out my status right before a run!

I put my disappointment in perspective and told myself, at least I can run! A couple of years ago, I wasn’t a runner and I certainly wasn’t entertaining the thought of a marathon! Yes, NYCM may be one of the ultimate marathon experiences ever, but there are other marathons I can try out.   And it’s not like this “no” is a no forever! I can try again. Hopefully, I have lots of years left as a runner.  

Good luck, NYCM Class of 2014! Wishing all of you an amazing run on November 2!


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