The US National Weather Service Forth Worth Texas posted the following status update on the Facebook: 2PM Heat index values across North and Central Texas…ranged from 98° to 105°. It’s HOT out there, take frequent breaks to avoid heat exhaustion! #‎beattheheat (hashtag all theirs).

So, in other words, another treadmill day for me.  I just can’t seem to get my booty out of the door early enough to #beattheheat unless it’s for my weekend long runs.  I used to think waking up at 5:00 or 5:30AM might be a tad on the over excessive side, but I recently found out it’s a necessity to #beatheheat (ok, I’ll stop hashtagging now). As soon as that friggin fire ball in the sky pushes up over the horizon it’s just plain hawwwwwwwt.

One time, as spring started to slowly melt away into summer, I (stupidly) decided to do a run outside around 1 o’clock in the afternoon.  I thought, 80 degrees?! Meh, I can manage.  I did for about 1.5M and started seeing mirages.  I turned down a street and saw lawn sprinklers sprinkling up ahead! Hallelujah!! Now that’s how you know your brain isn’t fully functioning.  No one is allowed to water their lawn in Droughtland, TX derp.  But, I was hot, sweat was stinging my eyes and I so badly wanted to run through those sprinklers.   As soon as I came upon them, they disappeared.  I cried.  Or Maybe it was the sweat pouring out of my eyes not sure which. Note to self: heat accumulation is a very real and very important thing.


So the treadmill and I have found summer love.  Can’t wait to break up with Mr. Treaddy come fall (shh, don’t tell him my plans!). I do push myself out into the inferno during my Wednesday night social runs and for the weekend long runs with my running club. Something about running in the heat with more than just yourself makes it way more easier to tolerate.  Running when the sun isn’t in all its glory helps, too.

Since moving to Texas, I’ve noticed two things. 1.) I’ve become infatuated with rain.  When it rains it feels like a National Holiday.  You need to call your loved ones and tell them it’s raining and see if they got rain, too. Everyone should stop what they are dong and just go outside and play in it; pray; or offer up your first born as thanks to whomever the powers that be are that decided to let it rain that day. 2.) I love all the people that tell me that both last year’s and this year’s summer has been mild.  I hear stories about the 2011 30 whatever days of 100 degree temp stories ALL. THE. TIME.  It’s great, I love it.  It’s like hearing old war stories.   

Anyways, I came across a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) running plan to do on the treadmill that I use on my “speed” days.  Anyone else have any good tips on how to pass the time on ol’ Treaddy? I’m trying to #beattheheat, y’all.  




7 thoughts on “#beattheheat

  1. piratebobcat says:

    Haha, nice! I haaaate the treadmill, and I hate mornings, but I hate treadmill more so I get up super early to run in summer here in Texas. It’s not much cooler, but at least the sun isn’t leaning against my face.
    Ha, and oh yes, I remember a couple summers ago when it was over 100 for like 300 days straight. It was miserable. I remember getting out of the car to go to a super market and the combination of heat from the heat and heat radiating off the blacktop forced me to close my eyes because my corneas were melting.

    • Gina says:

      Hahaha! “sun isn’t leaning against your face” – exactly!!

      Sometimes just going for the mail in the summer is a dangerous task, let alone running and doing things like grocery shopping!

  2. Jason says:

    Yikes, that is hot! No thank you! It’s 90 here today and I’ll probably be whining about it for the next month 🙂

  3. kilax says:

    I am happy you have the treadmill at home and at the gym for when it’s so darn hot and miserable outside! And I hope you never have the 300 days of 100F temps, lol!

  4. Courtney says:

    All of the comments cracked me up! I’m sad I have no helpful tips to offer here- except don’t exercise outside in Texas from April-ish to October-ish, lol. The heat does seem awfully brutal this year (maybe it’s just me getting older and not coping as well).

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