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The US National Weather Service Forth Worth Texas posted the following status update on the Facebook: 2PM Heat index values across North and Central Texas…ranged from 98° to 105°. It’s HOT out there, take frequent breaks to avoid heat exhaustion! #‎beattheheat (hashtag all theirs).

So, in other words, another treadmill day for me.  I just can’t seem to get my booty out of the door early enough to #beattheheat unless it’s for my weekend long runs.  I used to think waking up at 5:00 or 5:30AM might be a tad on the over excessive side, but I recently found out it’s a necessity to #beatheheat (ok, I’ll stop hashtagging now). As soon as that friggin fire ball in the sky pushes up over the horizon it’s just plain hawwwwwwwt.

One time, as spring started to slowly melt away into summer, I (stupidly) decided to do a run outside around 1 o’clock in the afternoon.  I thought, 80 degrees?! Meh, I can manage.  I did for about 1.5M and started seeing mirages.  I turned down a street and saw lawn sprinklers sprinkling up ahead! Hallelujah!! Now that’s how you know your brain isn’t fully functioning.  No one is allowed to water their lawn in Droughtland, TX derp.  But, I was hot, sweat was stinging my eyes and I so badly wanted to run through those sprinklers.   As soon as I came upon them, they disappeared.  I cried.  Or Maybe it was the sweat pouring out of my eyes not sure which. Note to self: heat accumulation is a very real and very important thing.


So the treadmill and I have found summer love.  Can’t wait to break up with Mr. Treaddy come fall (shh, don’t tell him my plans!). I do push myself out into the inferno during my Wednesday night social runs and for the weekend long runs with my running club. Something about running in the heat with more than just yourself makes it way more easier to tolerate.  Running when the sun isn’t in all its glory helps, too.

Since moving to Texas, I’ve noticed two things. 1.) I’ve become infatuated with rain.  When it rains it feels like a National Holiday.  You need to call your loved ones and tell them it’s raining and see if they got rain, too. Everyone should stop what they are dong and just go outside and play in it; pray; or offer up your first born as thanks to whomever the powers that be are that decided to let it rain that day. 2.) I love all the people that tell me that both last year’s and this year’s summer has been mild.  I hear stories about the 2011 30 whatever days of 100 degree temp stories ALL. THE. TIME.  It’s great, I love it.  It’s like hearing old war stories.   

Anyways, I came across a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) running plan to do on the treadmill that I use on my “speed” days.  Anyone else have any good tips on how to pass the time on ol’ Treaddy? I’m trying to #beattheheat, y’all.  




Man, you know you’ve been slacking on your blogging when you try to log into your account and it takes you about five minutes longer than it should to log in.

I like to blog when the mood strikes or when I want to put something down that I want to document or when I want reflect “out loud”.

My last post talked about how bummed I was that I didn’t get into the New York City Marathon – but I’m over it.  On National Running Day, I signed up for my first full marathon – the Dallas Marathon on December 14, 2014!  I felt so queasy just hitting the submit button on the registration form! My nerves have settled down a lot and now I’m just anxious to start the training cycle.

Last night, I had such a fun and happy run that it made me feel thankful this morning.  I wanted to take some time and just reflect on how my running is so much different than it was a year ago and how thankful I am about it.

I’m thankful that I’ve consistently kept up my weekend long runs even though I don’t have anything long distance on the race calendar for several more months. I’m thankful that I can even do long runs! It’s so satisfying to see when your efforts start paying off.  I’m thankful for all the opportunities running has brought to the forefront.  Running in different states; checking out trails; meeting new people; finishing a race on the fifty yard line in Soldier Field with my bestie and husband.   So many fun things lately!

I don’t mean for this to come across as braggy.  I just wanted to take a minute to really think about how far I’ve come in the running world.  Hmm, nope, that still seems braggy, oops! I guess along with thankful, I’m happy.

I haven’t done it all myself.  I’m thankful for the people that support me by answering questions; review training plans; letting me blah blah blah about running; and for the people who are always so genuinely excited to hear about my endeavors.   It always gives me the extra push and it makes my heart happy.






I’m thankful.

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A Magic Mile Moment

One of my favorite things I like about running are the athletic supporters…err…the supportive peeps in my life.  Whether it be friends truly interested in your running class; a congratulatory high five from a fellow runner in a running group; or from spectators that trek out early one (weekend) morning to cheer you on during a race.  Having someone in your corner is a fantastic feeling and a great motivator.

I noticed something fun on my Labor Day race that has stayed with me post race and several days later.  The course was an out and back and on my way back I saw a young girl (8 or 9 maybe?) running out doing a run/walk combo solo.  Some runners in front of me asked if she was doing ok and she answered in the affirmative.  I clapped for her as she passed by and told her she was doing great and a few other runners took my cue and did the same thing.  I wondered where her parents were because she seemed so young to do a race by herself.   I think I would have been overwhelmed doing 3.1 miles by myself at that age.  Heck, sometimes I feel overwhelmed NOW when I run a race solo, but she was indeed holding her own.  More about her in a little bit.

After I crossed the finish line, I hung out for a bit for the results and to see the other racers cross the line.  It’s really inspiring to see runners as they approach the finish line.  You can usually spot that moment of relief, excitement or accomplishment flash across each runner’s face when they hit the finish line.   Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a spectator near the finish line holding on to some balloons and a teddy bear and I realized that she was probably waiting for the little girl that I passed on the course.  Not too long after I saw the little girl approaching the finish line giving it her all! A crowd of people cheered her in and her mom (I assume) with the balloons and teddy bear in tow gave the little girl a huge hug the second she crossed the finish line! Seeing that gave me chills (on a hot and humid morning)!  It was truly an amazing moment and I was so happy to have witnessed that special moment.

At my first running  class, we did what the coaches called a “magic mile”. You run for a mile so the coaches can ascertain what pace group you belong in. I think I’ll borrow the “magic mile” term and use it for when I see something inspiring during a race. I’ll make it part of my race recaps. Hopefully it will be a good reminder to look outside of myself and make me more aware of the cool and inspiring moments that inevitably occur during each race.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own race; our own goals and our own performance that it’s so easy to miss these little moments unfolding during a race.

I hope the cheering and praise will carry the little girl on each of her runs and other future endeavors.  I hope that I’ll remember this moment and always be conscious of not just my race but to also be mindful of the “little big” during a race.

Let’s hear about your “Magic Mile Moment” during a race! Was it an awesome spectator giving you that extra push? A funny marathon sign; or a maybe an awesome volunteer giving you an encouraging smile?

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